How (And Why) I Dermaplane my Face

I mentioned in my skincare routine post (found here) that I dermaplane my face about once a month at home. It’s totally changed how my skin feels and how my makeup looks! I really think dermaplaning results in more youthful skin over time, too.

Professionals have been offering dermaplaning for years, which is essentially using a super sharp tool similar to a scalpel to shave and exfoliate the skin. Dermaplaning exfoliates by removing dead skin cells and peach fuzz, making your skin smoother and brighter. Before dermaplaning was a “thing”, Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor both shaved their faces and had beautiful and youthful skin because of it!

I started dermaplaning a couple of years ago, after I saw this video of Michelle Money (former Bachelor contestant and beauty guru) using a razor on her face. At first I was like, “Is this girl seriously going to SHAVE HER FACE?!”. Haha! I was totally freaked out at the idea. I think we’ve all heard that shaving makes you grow more hair which will probably scare most people away initially. Well, I’m living proof that shaving does not make you grow more hair. If it did, I’d be the bearded lady!

OK, now that that’s out of the way…

You can do an at home version of dermaplaning at home with facial razors from Amazon. I’ve linked the ones I use here (these are also what Michelle used in her video). They are so affordable and it’s incredibly easy to do! Here’s how I do it-

* I am a cosmetologist, but I am NOT an esthetician! I am only sharing what has worked for me and what I learned through my own personal experience.

1. First, I wash my face. Usually when I dermaplane, I will do it when I get out of the shower. I wait a while for my face to dry, however. Unlike usual “shaving”, you do not want to dermaplane wet skin. You’ll get much more dead skin off if your skin is dry. You’ll also be able to see all of the peach fuzz coming off of your face, which is weirdly satisfying.

2.Use the razor in small downward strokes, I usually just start at the top of my face and work my way down. On the areas that aren’t as “tight” like your cheeks, you may need to hold the skin taught. What I like about the razors I use is that they do an AMAZING job, but they aren’t so sharp that I’ve ever cut myself. You definitely still need to be careful, but these aren’t the kind of razors that will knick you and make you bleed (in my experience).

3. Really focus on the areas that get a lot of peach fuzz. Thankfully, mine is blonde and super fine, but  it’s mostly on the upper portion of my cheeks (close to my hairline) and of course the corners of my upper lip. Just about EVERYONE has this…no shame in my face shaving game.

4. When I work down my forehead and get to my eyebrows, I shape the top of my eyebrows by pulling them into an “arch”. I will warn you though, if you feel at all uncomfortable about this, DON’T TRY IT. I’d hate to have you accidentally shave off half your brow and blame me. JUST SAYIN’. If you’re new to this, just try it a few times and get comfortable with it first! Definitely don’t try to do the bottom portion of your brow and stay away from your eyes in general.

5. When I’m done, I gently wipe my face off with a towel, just to get all the loose hairs off, then I moisturize. It’s as easy as that!

If you would like to see my process in action, check out my Facebook group, where I did a live tutorial!

So, if you haven’t already been dermaplaning at home, are you going to try it? Let me know in the comments!










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    1. That has been the most common thing i’ve heard, being scared! I promise there’s nothing to be scared of 🙂 It’s seriously easy!

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